Alberta Chess Association
The ACA Tournament Procedures

A Tournament Director (TD) must follow the CFC rules and regulations in the CFC Handbook. In addition to the policies outlined in this handbook on tournament directing in general, the ACA has a few extra rules and guidelines.

The venue is booked by the ACA; the tournament director should merely contact the ACA at least one month prior to the event date to make sure the venue is booked. An ACA director or the ACA Treasurer will ensure the site is booked and will take care of the details.

Entry Fees, Prize Fund, Honorariums

Entry Fees to ACA tournaments (5-round events with a regular time control) are $30, $40 for Alberta Open.  ACA charges $5 from every paid entry. The prize fund is computed from total entry fees minus $5 per paid entry. Once again, the ACA takes care of 100% of the venue rental costs, the CFC rating fees and FIDE fees if the tournament is approved to be FIDE rated. ACA also pays the TD honorarium $35.00/day. Unlike Calgary or Edmonton Chess Club events, the ACA events usually occur on the weekend and span 2 or sometimes 3 full days. That’s why the honorarium is higher than at the CCC or ECC.

Knowledge of Tournament Cycle

The TD should have a working knowledge of the ACA tournament cycle. Briefly, the AB Closed is an invitation only event, and is the most prestigious tournament of the year. It elects the “Alberta Champion” who qualifies for funding to attend the Canadian Closed Championship.
In order to qualify for the AB Closed, a player must either win a “qualifier” event, or be selected by rating after all qualification spots have been filled out by “qualifier” event winners. The player must also earn enough participation points by playing in ACA tournaments.
For more details, please ask an ACA board member yourself, or refer the concerned player to submit his query to the ACA. When directing the AB Closed for the ACA, it is of course necessary to be intimately familiar with all of these rules, and to contact players 1-2 months ahead of time if they may or may not be eligible.


The TD must send in the results to the CFC for rating purposes. Free software faciliating this task is available for download on the CFC website. The TD should also send in a tournament form and a short tournament report to

For more details please consult the ACA Information for Tournament Directors.

TDs wishing to run their tournament in the old fashioned way may download the following.

Pairing Cards
Pairing Sheets
CFC Membership Report Form
CFC Wallchart
CFC Swiss Report Form 6 round
CFC Swiss Report Form 10 round
CFC Round Robin Report Form 6 player
CFC Round Robin Report Form 10 player

International Arbiter Vlad Rekhson has also developed a useful TD Manual