Alberta Chess Association
The Alberta Chess Association in partnership with the Recreation and Physical Activity Division of Alberta Culture and Tourism (ACAT) is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life of Albertans through a variety of chess related activities. The ACA greatfully acknowledges the support provided by ACAT, which enables the association to deliver many of its programs.

The ACA's mailing address is as follows.

Alberta Chess Association
PO Box 11839 Main
Edmonton, Alberta T5J 3K9

Phone: 780-807-1317

ACA Membership

There are 3 ways to become an ACA member.

1) Purchase a membership from the Chess Federation of Canada (CFC).  A member of the CFC is entitled to play in any CFC rated event in the country and to receive a monthly Canadian Chess Newsletter. CFC membership can also be purchased in person at a club that runs CFC rated tournaments.

2) Join an affiliate club, i.e., the club that has signed an affiliation agreement with the ACA. In accordance with the agreement, members of such a club automatically become ACA members as well. The ACA collects annualy $2 for every adult and $1 for every junior member from the affiliate club, with the exemption of the players who are already full CFC members. Clubs that have no membership requirement of their own may charge their members the ACA fee and still be considered affiliates.

3) Purchase a yearly membership directly from the ACA ($5 for adults and $3 for juniors) by filling out a membership form and sending it along with a cheque to the ACA's mailing address above.

CFC Membership and Rating Fees

In general, any participant in a CFC rated event must either be a full CFC member or purchase a tournament membership. In the former case, the annual fee is $43 for adults and $28 for juniors under 20 years of age. In the latter case, the CFC charges $21 for adults and $11 for juniors if the tournament is held with a regular time control. For an event with a rapid time control, the tournament membership is $13 for adults and $7 for juniors. In either case, however, the participant becomes a full ACA member as a portion of the CFC fee is paid to the ACA for its associate membership.

Effective July 1, 2011, the rating fees are as follows.

Regular tournaments - $3.15/player if using SwissSys or Swiss Manager to submit crosstables in CFC format, otherwise $5.25/player.

Quick tournaments - $1.58/player if using SwissSys or Swiss Manager to submit crosstables in CFC format, otherwise $3.68/player.

Junior tournaments (regular or quick) - If all players are juniors, CFC membership dues are not required. Rating fees are $0.53/player if using SwissSys or Swiss Manager to submit crosstables in CFC format, otherwise $2.63/player. The ACA will pay the rating fees of any junior event in the province provided that all of the following conditions are satisfied.

1. All the participants are members of the ACA.
2. All the participants are juniors (age 20 and under).
3. The tournament time control is at least 15 minutes per side.
4. The tournament length is at least 4 rounds (exceptions can be made upon request).

For any questions on how to rate tournaments please contact Leah Hughey by phone or email (contact information is at the top of the page).