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The Alberta Chess Report (ACR) is the official newsletter of the Alberta Chess Association. It reports on a variety of chess related news from across the province and is available in electronic (PDF) form. Prior to 2017, the ACR was also available in paper format. All articles are written by the editor unless otherwise credited.

In 2017, the ACR's publishing schedule is April, July, October. I am currently collecting submissions for the October issue (due November 25th). Submissions may include photos, articles, or game analysis. If you have missed the deadline but still wish to submit, please contact the editor at to see if space is available. The July issue will cover Alberta tournaments from April-Jun 2017.
Download the latest issues of the Alberta Chess Report in PDF format by clicking the image below.  A PGN-file with games featured in the newsletter is also available between August 2013-December 2016.

Using the most current version of Adobe Acrobat Reader for your operating system is recommended. You can download it from the Adobe site by clicking this link: Adobe Reader

Download previous issues of the ACR (June, 2006 - April, 2013)

Download historic issues of the ACR (1990 - 2004)

Download more historic issues of the ACR (1976 - 1980 and 1983 - 1989)

Download historic issues of the Edmonton Chess Report (1975)
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