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December 24:
Alberta Chess Report
December 2015 issue is online. Visit the ACR page to download a pdf version as well as a pgn-file with annotated games. The issue will go to print in early January; minor corrections are possible before that.

December 24:
2015 Road Warrior competition
After the last eligible Road Warrior event in 2015 (WBX Team Tournament) Kim Nguyen from Calgary amassed 39 Road Warrior points and finished clear first. The second place went to Mohamad Fellah (also from Calgary) - 30.5 points. David Miller with a "dual citizenship" (Edmonton/Grande Prairie) ended up third with 28 points. Full standings are available on the Road Warrior page.

December 14:
WBX Team Tournament is concluded
The team consisting of Belsar Valencia, Joseph Young and Suresh Kadavil finished first with 9.5/15. The second place went to "The Triforce of Wisdom" (Kim Nguyen, Mohamad Fellah and Bhavik Dave) - 8.5/15. Tristan Tran-Ly's team (David Yao, Dustin Koperski) scored 8/15, which turned out to be enough for clear third. The best individual resutls were as follows. Board 1: Belsar Valencia - 4.5/5. Board 2: Dante Briones and Joseph Young - 3.5/5. Board 3: Dustin Koperski - 4.5/5. Final team standings and individual board winners may be viewed on the tournament page.

December 11:
WBX Team Tournament
The team rosters have been finalized. Since there are 6 participating teams, the tournament will be held in a round-robin format this year. The pairings may be viewed on the event webpage.

November 30:
Gary Ng won Southern Alberta Open for the third straight year
Just as in 2013 and 2014, Gary finished clear first with the same score of 4.5/5 and thus qualified for the 2016 Alberta Closed. Kris Boehmer took clear second with 4/5, while there was a five-way tie for the third place. Final standings.

November 22:
ACA Tournaments in 2016
The ACA Strategic Planning Board Meeting was held in Red Deer on November 21. The 2016 ACA Calendar was approved and is now available here. The remainder of the 2015 calendar may be accessed here.

November 17:
2015 Banff Open
The Town on Banff will host an Open tournament on December 5-6. The details are available on the event webpage although slight changes are possible.

November 16:
Diwen Shi is the 2015 Alberta Junior Champion
Diwen was a big rating favorite and won the Championship section of the event with a score of 3.5/5. The victory didn't come easily, however, as the outcome of the tournament remained unclear until the very last round. Jeff Wang and Nimai Koneru finished with 3/5, Jeff taking the second place trophy by virtue of winning the head-to-head encounter.
Final standings for all sections may be viewed on the tournament webpage.

November 15:
Foreign grandmaster trio dominates Edmonton Invitational
GMs Jesse Kraai, Enrico Sevillano and Tejas Bakre tied for first with a result of 7.5/9. The best Albertan FM Dale Haessel finished fourth with 5/9. The game of the tournament was Vladislav Rekhson's first GM scalp (Jesse Kraai) as the lowest rated player managed to upset the highest rated one. Final standings and games are available on the event webpage.

November 6:
Live Broadcast of Edmonton Invitational
Round 1 games will be broadcast live here.

November 5:
GM Tejas Bakre won Calgary Invitational
The visiting grandmaster scored 8/9 (+7=2) and took clear first. The other GM Enrico Sevillano also finished the tournament undefeated with 7/9 (+5=4), which was sufficient for clear second. The third place went to FM Kostya Kavutskiy (6.5/9) who came close to scoring an IM norm but fell just half a point short. FM Dale Haessel and Gary Ng were the best Albertans with a result of 5.5/9. View final standings.

November 3:
Edmonton Fall Sectional
24 players have registered for the event forming 4 sections. The lots were drawn at the Edmonton Chess Club on Monday night. The pairings are now available on both the tournament webpage and the ECC facebook.

November 2:
ACA Strategic Planning Board Meeting
The meeting will take place in Red Deer on November 21st. Proposals may be submitted by midnight, November 14th, to Proposals must not have a financial component unless they deal with projects scheduled early in 2016. Proposals with a funding allocation component will be considered at the next Board meeting.

October 30:
Calgary Invitational is underway
IM norm seekers have got a lot of work to do as they must score 7/9 to accomplish the mission. In the first round Calgarians Daniel Kazmaier and Diwen Shi defeated FMs Michael Langer and Ian Findlay, respectively. The tournament details are on the event webpage. View current standings and download games. 

October 26:
Calgary Junior Regional Championship
Jeff Wang won the Open section with 4.5/5 and qualified for the Championship section of the upcoming Alberta Junior. Patrick Angelo Tolentino finished just half a point behind the winner.
Dhruv Jindal scored 6/7 in the Under 1300 section and took clear first. The second place went to Jerry Li (5.5/7), Daniel Chang finished third with 5/7.
The Under 800 section was won by Akshara Nagaruru from Lethbridge with a result of 6/7, a whole point ahead of the rest of the field. This sections featured a three-way tie for the second place among Bastian Benner, Maxim Bryuzgin and Ammar Abdurashidov (5/7).
Final standings for all sections are available on the event webpage.

October 12:
2015 Alberta Open
FM Dale Haessel and Robert Sasata tied for first with 5/6. Since Dale won their head-to-head encounter, he qualifies for the 2016 Alberta Closed. David Miller and Belsar Valencia scored 4.5/6 and shared the third place. Perhaps, the most surprising performance of the tournament was demonstrated by Alexander Sasata, whose official CFC rating was only 949. Alexander finished with 3.5/6 and scored the biggest upset of the weekend (more than 1,000 rating points!)  Final standings may be viewed on the tournament webpage.

October 11:
Vlad Rekhson becomes the new ACA President
A complete list of the 2015-2016 ACA Board members is available here.

October 4:
Gary Ng earns a spot in the 2015 Calgary Invitational
Gary won the qualifying tournament with an excellent score of 4.5/5.

October 4:
Edmonton Junior Regional Championship
Matthew Zita emerged as a surprising winner of the Open section with 4/5 upsetting the rating favorites David Yao and Sean Mah. Sean scored 3.5/5 and finished second, while the third place went to Andi Superceanu.
The Open section was won convincingly by Mark Ivanescu with a result of 4.5/5. Lucy Chao also had a good tournament and finished clear second (4/5). Brendan Tan took the third place.

September 28:
NM Robert Gardner qualifies for the 2015 Edmonton Invitational
Rob won the qualifying event with a perfect score of 5/5.

September 24:
Calgary Invitational Qualifier/Fundraiser
Calgary Chess Club will host a 5-round Open Swiss tournament with a rapid time control on Sunday, October 4. The winner will earn a spot in the 10-player round-robin Calgary Invitational offering IM norm chances.

September 23:
Alberta Chess Association Annual General Meeting (AGM)
As usual, our annual AGM will take place after round 3 of the Alberta Open. The meeting will be held at the Edmonton Chess Club beginning at 3:30 pm on October 11. Everybody is welcome to attend!

September 18:
Edmonton Invitational Qualifier/Fundraiser
A 5-round Open Swiss event will be held at the Edmonton Chess Club on September 26-27. This Qualifier will be very similar to a regular weekend tournament, Dustin Koperski being the organizer and the TD. If you would like to participate, simply show up between 9:00 and 9:45 am on Saturday, September 26. The winner will earn a spot in the 10-player round-robin Edmonton Invitational offering IM norm chances. 

September 16:
IM norm opportunities for Albertans in 2015
This year Alberta will host two more tournaments offering International Master (IM) norm chances. The first event will be organized by Vlad Rekhson and is scheduled to take place in Calgary from October 29 till November 4. The second tournament will be organized in Edmonton by Dustin Koperski, November 6-11. Both events are sponsored by FIDE and the Chess Federation of Canada. More information will be posted up soon.

September 13:
Team North dominates the Battle of Alberta
The final score is 17.5:6.5 (8.5:3.5 in round 1 and 9:3 in round 2). Detailed results as well as most of the games are now available on the event webpage.

September 9:
Battle of Alberta
The team captains Micah Hughey (North) and Daniel Kazmaier (South) have announced the rosters. The pairings for the upcoming battle may be viewed on the event webpage. The defending champion North will be a rating favorite again, despite missing top two players IMs Edward Porper and Richard Wang.

September 9:
Over/Under 1800 in Calgary
FM Dale Haessel won the Over 1800 section with a perfect 5/5 score. The rating favorite Daniel Kazmaier finished a point behind and claimed clear second. The third place went to Severo Caluza from British Columbia (3/5).
The Under 1800 section featured a close race for the first place, Stephen Moreau emerging as the winner with 4/5. Mike Scholz and Zacchary Schlegel shared the second place with 3.5/5.

August 20:
Alberta Active Championship in Red Deer
The tournament ended in a three-way tie for the first place among Nicolas Haynes, David Miller and Dante Briones. The winners scored 4/5. Final standings may be viewed on the tournament webpage.

August 4:
GM Alex Lenderman emerges victorious at the 8th Calgary International
The winner's result is 7.5/9. Three other grandmasters participating in the tournament (Michael Roiz, Alexander Shabalov and Victor Mikhalevski) share the second place with 6.5/9. Final standings and games are available on the event website.

July 5:
2015 Fort McMurray Open is concluded
FM Vladimir Pechenkin and Rob Gardner shared the first place with 4/5. There was a five-way tie for third among Vlad Rekhson, Ico van den Born, Arden Troy Abad, Fabio Santos and Joseph Mugodo. Final standings.

July 4:
Robert Gardner leads 2015 Fort McMurray Open
After 3 rounds of play "Rocket" Rob Gardner is perfect with 3/3. FM Vladimir Pechenkin, Vlad Rekhson and Fabio Santos are right behind with 2.5/3. View full standings and pairings for round 4.

June 30: GM Pentala Harikrishna won the 10th Edmonton International
The Indian grandmaster finished the main event of the traditional festival with 7.5/9, a full point ahead of  GMs Vassily Ivanchuk (Ukraine), Hao Wang (China) and Surya Ganguly (India). All the games between the top four finishers were drawn, and GM Harikrishna emerged victorious by virtue of scoring 6/6 against the rest of the field. GM Samuel Shankland (USA) took the fifth place with a score of 6/9. Overall, the results of the tournament were predictable. The five grandmasters gave away only four draws to the rest of the players, and there was only one upset in 45 games played. In round 6 IM Aman Hambleton overpressed and eventually lost the most dramatic encounter of the event to FM Dale Haessel. Final standings are available on the festival website.

June 12:
Grandmaster Chess Camp in Calgary
Calgary Chess Club will be hosting another chess camp this summer, before the 8th Calgary International Festival. Visit the event webpage for details, schedule and registration.

June 11:
ACA Casino
The most important fundraising event of the year was conducted at the Century Casino in Edmonton on June 8-9. The ACA thanks all the volunteers who participated. Your contribution will allow the Association to deliver most of its programs for the next two years.

June 10:
David Miller is the 32nd Trumpeter Classic Champion
David scored 4.5/5 and claimed clear first. Christopher Piotrowski finished second with 4/5, while Kim Nguyen took the third place (3.5/5). Final standings are now available on the tournament website.

May 31:
8th Calgary International Qualifier/Fundraiser
FM Dale Haessel scores 4/5 (undefeated) and takes clear first. Kim Nguyen, Kris Boehmer and Hafiz Karmali share the second with 3.5/5. In the Under 1400 section Paul Wang and Gerard Labute tie for first with a result of 4/5.

May 18:
2015 Red Deer Open is concluded
David Miller and Micah Hughey finish in a tie for the first place with 4.5/5. Kim Nguyen takes clear third with 3.5/5. Final standings and games are available on the event webpage.

May 16:
David Miller and Kim Nguyen lead the 2015 Red Deer Open
Both players have a perfect score after 3 rounds of play. Micah Hughey is right behind with 2.5/3. A total of 20 participants compete in the tournament.

May 15:
May 2015 Alberta Chess Report (preprint) is available online
Visit the ACR webpage to download an electronic version of the ACA newsletter. A few more pages with tournament announcements will be added before the issue goes to print. A PGN-file with annotated games is also available.

May 6:
8th Calgary International Website is Live
This year the annual event will take place at the Calgary Chess Club from July 29 through August 3. An Open Swiss Fundraiser will be held on May 30-31. Please visit the festival website for more details.

May 3:
Robert "Rocket" Gardner qualifies for the 10th Edmonton International
After 4 rounds of play Nicolas Haynes was leading the Qualifier with a perfect score, half a point ahead of Rob. However, in the final round the "Rocket" prevailed in their head-to-head encounter and secured a rendez-vous with GM Vassily Ivanchuk in June. Final standings as well as most of the games played are available at the event website.

April 26: Arnold McKay wins the 2015 AB Seniors Championship with 4/5.
Sardul Purewal finishes clear second (3.5/5), while Terry Seehagen takes the third place (3/5).
WIM Agnieszka Matras-Clement becomes the 2015 AB Women's champion.

April 12:
2015 Lethbridge Open ends in a three-way tie for the first place
Tristan Tran-Ly, Kim Nguyen and FM Vladimir Pechenkin all finished with 4/5. The biggest upset of the tournament goes to Jack Davies who managed to score a full point against Kim Nguyen despite a 530-point rating difference. Final standings may be viewed here.

April 5:
IM Richard Wang is the 2015 Alberta Closed Champion
Richard successfully navigated through the key matchups on Sunday by drawing FM Alex Yam with the black pieces and then defeating IM Edward Porper. IM Wang thus won the title with a result of 4/5. FM Yam finished second scoring 3.5/5. The third place went to CM Rafael Arruebarrena (2.5/5). The crosstable of the event may be viewed on the tournament webpage.
The Reserves section was won by Diwen Shi. Kim Nguyen and Mohamad Fellah shared the second. The final standings may be accessed here.

April 4:
Alberta Closed is underway
After 3 rounds of play IM Richard Wang leads with 2.5 points. The defending champion FM Alex Yam and CM Rafael Arruebarrena are right behind with 2/3. IM Edward Porper with 1.5/3 also has a theoretical chance to win the title. Round 4 will feature a key matchup Yam-Wang, while the most important game of round 5 is probably going to be Wang-Porper. Current standings are available on the event webpage.
The Reserves section is led by Diwen Shi with a perfect score of 3/3. Mike Zeggelaar and Mohamad Fellah trail by half a point. In round 4 Mike will try to upset the leader on board 1. Full standings after round 3 may be viewed here, while round 4 pairings are available here.

March 15:
Kim Nguyen wins the March of Kings with a perfect score of 5/5
Ian Zhao and Mohamad Fellah share the second place with a result of 3.5/5.

March 8:
10th Edmonton International website is up and running
Ukrainian legend GM Vassily Ivanchuk will return to Edmonton this year to defend his title. Other confirmed participants include GMs Pentala Harikrishna, Sam Shankland and Surya Shekhar Ganguly. As usual, the winner of the qualifying tournament will get a spot in the main event. Visit the festival website for more information.

February 28:
Eric Hansen's Grandmaster Chess Camp
This three-day event will be held at the Calgary Chess Club on March 24-26. Visit the camp webpage for details, schedule and registration.

February 22:
Alberta Youth Chess Championship is concluded
The winners are: Ron Offengenden (U8), Ian Zhao (U10), Sean Mah (U12), Chenxi Wu (U14), Diwen Shi (U16) and IM Richard Wang (U18).

February 16:
Rafael Arruebarrena tops the Northern Alberta Open with 5/5
Rafael qualifies for the 2015 Alberta Closed that will be held in Calgary in April. The second place is shared by the following four players who scored 4/5: Kim Nguyen, Itohan Gold, FM Dale Haessel and IM Richard Wang.

February 11:
University of Calgary wins the University Battle of Alberta
University of Alberta team finishes second, while University of Lethbridge and Mount Royal University share third. The tournament was held with an active time control as a 10-round Open Swiss of 38 players. The top 5 players from each school contributed to the overall team score. The individual crosstable features Vlad Rekhson representing the U of C with a perfect 10/10 (!) result, ahead of FM Dale Haessel (8.5/10) and Kim Nguyen (7/10). Both team and individual standings are available on the event webpage.

January 26:
Calgary Regional Youth Championship attracted 75 participants
The competition was held in six age groups. Additionally, Under 10 and Under 12 categories featured a Reserve Section. Final standings for all 8 sections are now available on the tournament webpage.

January 5:
35 players participated in the 2015 John Schleinich Memorial
Daniel Kazmaier and Gary Ng won Section A with a score of 4/5. Final standings for all 6 sections may be viewed on the tournament website.

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