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Dec 28
: IM Richard Wang is 16th in World Under 16 championship
Albertans, IM Richard Wang and Diwen  Shi in the World Youth Championship which just ended in Al-Ain, UAE.  IM Wang was ranked 21st at the start but managed to improve on it and finished 16th overall (tied for 10th-20th with 7.5/11). Diwen Shi was our province's second representative.  Diwen scored 6/11 and scored approximately according to his starting rank (76th overall).  The best performer of the Canadian delegation (numbering over 40 players) was the little Harmony Zhu who won gold with 9/11 in the Girls U/8 category.  Congratulations to all the participants.  Final results can be viewed at:   

Dec 23:
Record Breaking 221 Albertans take part in ACA Road Warrior events
Aaron Sequillion won the 2013 Road Warrior with a total of 38.5 points ($200 prize) ahead of Vlad Rekhson (38 points, $100 prize) and Richard Pua (33 points, $50 prize).  A new record 221 Albertans took part in the Road Warrior events, which are events that are open to everyone sponsored by the Alberta Chess Association.  Road Warrior points are obtained based on the distance travelled from the home town, plus one participation point.  An additional $150 prize will be drawn at the first Road Warrior event of 2014, the Schleinich Memorial.  A total of 37 players who travelled to at least two events outside of their region are eligible for this prize.  To see the final standings and the special prize eligible players visit the Road Warrior page.

Dec 23:
'Calgary Towers' win the WBX Team Tournament
Calgary based team, The Calgary Towers won the 2013 WBX Team Tournament with 10.5/15.  The team that consisted of NM Dan Kazmaier, NM Vlad Rekhson and Chenxi Wu used the early registration rule to their advantage as Chenxi Wu's initial rating of 1385 rose to 1720 by the time of the tournament, which allowed the team;s average to be way higher than the 2000 allowed.  The event was still close, as the suprise of the tournament, team: "The Fellowship of the King" (NM Rob Gardner, David Ludwig and Michael Ludwig) finished second with 9.5/15, despite being the lowest rated at the start.  Third place was shared by: 'Fischer Fear' (Kim Nguyen, Adam Harris, Pat Porter, Trevor Robertson) and Forever Young (FM Vladimir Pechenkin, Joseph Young, Nayef Daher) 8.5/15.  FM Pechenkin (Forever Young) and IM Wang (1010100101000110) were best on board 1 with 4/5 each.  NM Vlad Rekhson (Calgary Towers) was best on board 2 with 5/5 and Chenxi Wu (Calgary Towers), Michael Ludwig (The Fellowship of the King) and Nayef Daher (Forever Young) shared the best on board 3 prize with 3.5/5 each.  In the B section of the event a team that consisted of: Mark Nie,  Anthony-Dwight, Graham and Julian Lau, defeated a team that consisted of: Terry Seehagen, Bismarck Almanza and William Bradford by a score of: 5-4.  A special thanks goes to Terry Seehagen for doing a tremendous job organizing this tournament and making it an enjoyable experience for all the participants.  Visit the tournament page to see the full results:

Dec 1:
Old Scona Academic, IM Richard Wang, win the 2013 AB High School Championship
The 2013 AB High School Championship was won by International Master Richard Wang, who as expected was the class of the field.  Second place went to his teammate Sammy Wu, who outplayed another teammate, Divya Shah in a play-off for second place.  The best school was: Old Scona Academic from Edmonton who took first with: 16 points.  The winning team members were: IM Richard Wang, Sammy Wu, Divya Shah and Dennis Situ.  Second best school and the winner of the Calgary competition was Renert Academy who finished with 9.5 points.  The defending Calgary champions Bear Spaw finished third with 8.5 points.  Final standings can be seen at the tournament page.

Nov 25:
NM Gary Ng wins Southern AB Open and qualifies to 2014 AB Championship
National Master Gary Ng made a remarkable feat after a first round draw.  He won his remaining games and qualified to the 2014 AB Championship.  Second place went to FIDE Master Dale Haessel with 4/5.  Third was shared by Aaron Sequillion and Vlad Rekhson with 3.5/5.  The best under 2000 prizes was shared by Phil Holmstrom and and Tamir Bulga with 3/5 each.  Suresh Kadavil won the biggest upset prize after defeating Kim Nguyen (498 point upset).  A special thanks goes to Tony Ficzere who ran the event as Frank Kluytmans is currently recovering from an illness.  Final standings can be seen at the tournament page.

Nov 22:
Vote for Chess at Aviva Challenge
Please remember to vote for chess at the Aviva Community Challenge.  You can vote once per day per account at:

Nov 9:
2013 AB Junior Championships are underway in Calgary.
The 2013 AB Junior Championship is underway in Calgary.  The standings after day 1 and pairings for the next round in each section for day 2 are now available at:
Selection of Championship and Open section games are now available at a file by clicking here.

Nov 5
: FM Pechenkin, Zeggelaar and Kadavil win the Geoff Newton Memorial Sectional
Geoff Newton Memorial Sectional, commemorated the passing of our friend Geoff Newton in January of this year.   The Edmonton Fall Sectional last year was the last event in which Geoff took part in.  This year's tournament was held on Nov 1-3 at the Edmonton Chess Club.   Section A was won by: FM Vladimir Pechenkin with 4.5/5 ahead of Aaron Sequillion 3.5/5.  Section B was taken by the organizer Mike Zeggelaar who scored 4.5/5 ahead of Jason Winhon, George Bukowski and George Sponga 3/5 each.  Section C was won by Suresh Kadavil who scored 4/5 ahead of Kaixin Wang 3/5.  A special thanks goes to Mike Zeggelaar who ran the tournament and Terry Seehagen who assisted with the organization.  Full standings can be viewed at the tournament page.

Oct 28:
GM Eric Hansen reaches another milestone
Alberta's first Grandmaster defeated GM Sam Shankland (2605) at a Barcelona tournament.  This brings a new milestone for Eric, who beat a 2600+ opponent for the first time in his career.  It was clear that this would happen sooner rather than later, as Eric's own rating is quite close to that mark as well (2567) but this breaks new ground and judging from Eric's past career milestone, this one should open a floodgate of wins over 2600+ opposition.  The tournament website is available at:

Oct 22:
P. Tolentino, Zeling Li, Michael Chen and Shekinah Munoz win Calgary Jr.
The Calgary Junior Championship took place at the Calgary Chess Club on the weekend of October 19-20.  The tournament had four sections: Open, Under 1300, Under 800 and Girls.  The winner of the Open section received a spot at the 2013 AB Junior Championship but prizes were available for players in all sections.  The Open section was a two way tie, between Patrick Angelo Tolentino and Tamir Bulga (4/5 each) however, Patrick earned the spot in the Championship due to his win against Tamir in the direct encounter between the two.  Third place was won by Chenxi Wu who edged Andre Angelo Tolentino in a play-off game.  Both of them scored 3.5/5.  The Under 1300 section also had a tie for first between Zeling Li and Nimai Koneru (5.5/7 each), but Zeling edged Nimai due to a win in the direct encounter between the two.  Third place went to Andrew Xu (4.5/7).  Best in the Under 800 section went to Michael Chen who finished with a perfect 5/5 (the only perfect score of the tournament).  Second place went to Jason Wang ahead of Arjay Abad (both scored 3/5).  The winner of the Girls competition was: Shekinah Munoz (5/6).  Second went to: Chantel Bustos (4/6) ahead of Shairah Munoz (3/6).   Special thanks goes to: Paul Gagne, Angelo Tolentino and Ghirindar Koneru, as well as several other volunteers who helped run the event! Full standings are available at:

Oct 20
: IM Richard Wang/ NM Nicolas Haynes finish first at the AB Open
International Master Richard Wang and National Master Nicolas Haynes tied for first (5/6) at the annual Alberta Open which was held at the Edmonton Chess Club over the Thanksgiving Long Weekend. Since Richard defeated Nicolas in their head-to head encounter he earned the guaranteed spot at the 2014 AB Championship.  Third place was shared by: Calgary National Masters: Daniel Kazmaier and Vlad Rekhson as well as a visiting Women's International Master: Agnieszka Matras-Clement (4.5/6).  There was a 7 way tie for best under 2200 as: Aaron Sequillion, Ali Razzaq, Hafiz Karmali, Jim Daniluk and a BC player Louis Cheng scored 4/6 each.  David Miller and Diwen Shi had the same score and won the best junior prize.  The best under 1900 prize was shared by: Dante Briones, Arnold McKay and Arthur Milne with 3.5/6 each.  Best under 1600 first place was won by: Alexey Taranik from Red-Deer (3/6).  Second best were: Leah Hughey, Trevor Robertson, Dumo Denni-Fiberisima.  Best Jr. under 1500 award was shared by: Sean Kenneth Mah and Kaixin Wang.  All of those winners finished with 2.5/6.  A special thanks goes to Ali Razzaq for directing this compeition.  Full standings with prizes is available at:

Oct 20:
Aaron Sequillion wins the 19th Medicine Hat Open
The traditional Medicine Hat Open took place in Medicine-Hat on October 5-6.  Road Warrior Aaron Sequillion took clear first with a perfect score of 5/5!  Second place went to Adam Harris from Calgary who finished with 4/5. Third was shared by: Edmontonian John Quiring, a local player Andrew Wallbank and

July 22: GM Eric Hansen shares first in the Canadian Open
Grandmaster Eric Hansen from Calgary repeated his success from 2012 as he shared first in the 2013 Canadian Open with GM Nigel Short from England.  Nigel had the better tie-break; however, Eric's achievement can be considered even better than his achievement last year, as this year's event attracted 12 GMs of quite high ratings.  Eric won $4,000 for his effort.  Edmontonian IM Edward Porper had a nice result as well.  Edward scored 7/9 to tie for third earning him $1060.  IM Richard Wang from Edmonton scored 6.5/9 which was good enough for an 8th place finish and $400.  National Master Alex Yam from Calgary scored 6/9 to tie f

July 13:
First Banff Chess Tournament
The president of the newly organized chess club in Banff organized their first event.  The tournament took place on Thursday July 11th in the Active Chess format of 4 rounds.  The undisputed winner was Jerry Kobalenko who despite not playing tournament chess since his childhood, was clearly a player with a 2000+ strength.      Pictures:

June 4, 2013:
22 players take part in the 30th annual Trumpeter Classic in Grande-Prairie
Trumpeter Classic has been a staple even of the Alberta Chess Association schedule for 30 years now.  For the anniversary year, Wade Caughlin Financials and the Alberta Chess Association helped boost the prize fund by $1000.  The prize fund was boosted by entry fees which made out the Class prizes for the total prize fund of $1750!  The total attracted a crowd of 22 players from all over Alberta, and even one person came from BC.  The event itself took place at the Sandman Hotel on June 1-2, 2013.  As someone who visited the tournament when it was held in January, the change to certainly nice as I got to see some green spaces in the "trumpeter city."  As for the results, I (Vlad Rekhson) won first with 4.5/5 ahead of Peter Kalisvaart from Edmonton who finished with 4/5.  Third was shared by the "Rocket" Rob Gardner from Edmonton and the surprising local hero-Tim Pradzinski.  Tim was also the Tournament Director, which makes his accomplishment even more impressive.  Tim and Rocket were joined by: Ali Razzaq who also tied for third with 3.5/5; however, Ali was eligible for the best under 1900 prize.  Second best in the under 1900 section went to Archie Robertson from Fairview who finished with: 3/5, while third in the same division went to Phil Holmstrom from Edmonton and Chris White from La-Crete (2.5/5).  Best under 1700 went to: Joel Stainer from Dawson Creek, BC and Piotr Pisanski from Grande-Prairie with 2.5/5 each.  In addition to the main prizes, the organizers added some door prizes which were won by everyone who attended.  Those included some nice chess books, as well as various treats! A special thanks goes to Wade Caughlin and Wade Caughlin financials, for sponsoring and organizing the event and to Tim Pradzinski for directing the tournament.  Final Standings:

May 27, 2013
: IM Porper earns GM norm in Chicago
IM Edward Porper made an incredible accomplishment at the Chicago Open.  The tournament had a total of 21 Grandmasters in the field but Edward finished with 6.5/9 and a tie for 4th-5th.  On his way he defeated Grandmasters: Zherebukh (2629), Holt (2511), and Finegold (2505), as well as, drew Grandmaster Wesley So (2705) among others.  With this performance Edward earned his second GM norm (if you don't count the disputed norm from the 2009 Canadian Open) and quite a few good memories from Chicago.  Final standings and games are at:

May 22, 2013:
GM Wesley So wins the 2013 Calgary International
Congratulations to super Grandmaster Wesley So for winning the 2013 Calgary International Chess Classic.  Wesley's domination was never in doubt, as he finished full two points ahead of his nearest rivals with 8/9.  It is quite clear that Wesley will be one of the most successful players in the world for years to come, thus it will be quite an honour to have his name on our permanent winners trophy.  Second was shared by the local hero-Grandmaster Eric Hansen, GM Victor Mikhalevski from Israel and GM Robin Van Kampen with 6/9 each.
The weblink above, also contains the final standings of the International Blitz event, which was also won by GM So with a perfect 9/9!
The Reserves section was won by: Jose Gatica from the US with 5.5/6!  Second was shared by Sherzod Khodjimatov and Hamid Abdelrhman with 4.5/6 each.  Full standings are available at:
A special thanks goes to Chief Organizer: Jim Daniluk, Head Arbiter: FA Ali Razzaq, Reserves Arbiter: Frank Kluytmans and webmaster: Tony Ficzere for making this event happen.  I would also like to thank all the players for taking part in this year's festival and hope that they will come back for many more years to come.  

May 22, 2013:
RIP Chris Kuczaj 10.28.1944-05.18.2013
It is with a great deal of saddness that I relay the It is with great sadness that I announce the passing of Chris Kuczaj. He was a fixture of our chess community for decades and was one of the stronger Alberta Players in the 1970s winning the 1972 and 1975 Alberta Open. Several of us will be attending his funeral service and his wife has invited those of you in the chess community who knew Chris to attend as well.The funeral services will be at Heritage Funeral Home (1708 - 16 Ave N.W.) on Friday (May 24) at 8:00 p.m.

May 6, 2013:
GM Eric Hansen goes perfect at AB Active Championship
The tournament was held at the Red-Deer Lodge hotel and attracted 23 participants ranging from Grandmaster to novice levels.  GM Hansen was dominant as he normally is and won the tournament with 5/5.  On his way Eric had to defeat masters: Dale Haessel, Vladimir Pechenkin and Alex Yam.  The only one who gave Eric some real challenge was Alex but eventually he succumbed to pressure.  Second place was shared between FM Vladimir Pechenkin and Jim Daniluk with 4/5 each.  Best Under 2000 was the new Albertan-Projjwal Pramanik.  Projjwal scored 3.5/5.  Best under 1600 was taken by Suresh Kadavil with 2.5/5.  A special recognition must also be given to Ben Boody, who in his first ever tournament scored 3/5 including wins over two experienced A class players!  Alexey Taranik did a great job with the organization of the event.  Full standings can be seen at:

Apr 30, 2013:
Congratulations to GM Eric Hansen for becoming the highest rated player in Canada
GM Eric Hansen continues to break records and becomes the first Albertan (at least in modern history) to become the highest rated Canadian.  In the May FIDE rating list Eric surpassed Canadian chess legend GM Kevin Spraggett.
For all those who want to take on Eric or see him play there will only be two more opportunities in the near future before Eric goes to Europe.  He will play in the Alberta Active Championship in Red-Deer  on Sunday, May 5th and the Calgary International, May 14-20.

April 30, 2013:
Brad Willis and Sardul Purewal share first in the first AB Seniors championship
The two highest rated players drew each other and defeated the rest of the field to win the inaugural AB Seniors championship which took place in the Edmonton Chess Club on Apr 27-28.  Third place went to George Sponga who finished with 2/4.  A special thanks to Brad Willis for running the event.  Brad will now represent Alberta in the Canadian Seniors championship which will take place in Kitchener this August.

Apr 30:
Check out the new and exciting Lethbridge CC website at:

Apr 15, 2013:
Calgary International Fund Raiser Open
The Calgary Chess Club will host the Calgary International Fund Raiser Open this coming weekend.  The tournament will have a total of 5 rounds and it will be played in a Swiss System.  Visit the tournament site to see the details:

Apr 15, 2013:
New Chess Club formed in Banff
Congratulations to the newly formed club in the community of Banff, AB.  Bec Johnson did a great job and the first meeting attracted a sizeable attendance.  The club meets every Thursday night at 7 pm.  The location of the very nice and spacious room is at: 107 Bear St. (pioneer room).  Club website is at:

Apr 15, 2013:
Aaron Sequillion wins the 2013 Lethbridge Open
The 2013 annual Lethbridge Open had the largest field in the tournament's 6 year history.  27 players took part in the event including 5 Edmontonians.

Mar 24, 2013:
Daniel Kazmaier wins the 2013 March of Kings
National Master Daniel Kazmaier was the class of the field in the traditional March of Kings event in Calgary.  Dan finished with 4.5/5.  Second was shared by NM Gary Ng and the surprise of the tournament, junior Diwen Shi.  They both scored 4/5!  With this result Diwen gained an amazing 159 CFC rating points for an all time high of 2072!   Diwen was also best under 2200 while second in the same category went to: Jim Daniluk Yassen Bogoev and Itohan Gold (3.5/5 each).  Best under 1800 was shared by Joshua Willie, Hemant Persaud and Trevor Robertson (3/5 each).  Best under 1400 was Tamir Bulga (2.5/5) while second best were: Zeling Li and Raphael Libre (2/5 each).  A special thanks to Frank Kluytmans for running the event.  Final results:

Mar 6, 2013:
Wesley So will be the first 2700 to come to Calgary
GM Wesley So from the Philippines (2701) will headline the 2013 Calgary International.  Other participants of the traditional event will include: GM Eric Hansen, GM Robin Van Kampen, IM Edward Porper, IM Richard Wang and more!  The main event will take place on May 14-20 at the Best Western Village Park.  The side events include: Reserves Open section (May 18-20), Blitz Tournament (May 19) as well as other activities.  Visit the tournament website to find out all the event details.

Mar 6:
AB Youth Winners qualify for Canadian Youth Championship
The 2013 AB youth Championship took place at the Edmonton Chess Club on the weekend of March 2-3.  A total of 40 youth players took part in this event.  The winners of each section received $1000 towards their expenses for the 2013 Canadian Youth Championship which will take place in Ottawa.  Second place finishers received $100 towards professional coaching from ACA.  All tournament standings can be obtained by going to the standings page.  You may also view the event's pictures. A special thanks goes to Harris Wang for organizing the event, Terry Seehagen for helping with the organization and Edward Porper for directing the tournament!

Mar 6, 2013:
UofA takes University Battle of AB
The University Battle of Alberta took place in the Edmonton Chess Club on the weekend of February 23-24.  The event which is now in its fifth year brings together universities from around the province together with the chess community at large.  A total of 36 players took part in this event. This year the tournament was run in a Swiss format with 10 rounds of Active time control.  The top university was the The University of Alberta team that scored 22.5 points.  Their four top players were  :  Harris Wang - 6 , Alex Neane - 5.5 , Logan McLeod - 5.5 , Shandy Booth - 5.5  ( $50 each)  Second went to University of Calgary (18 points) and third was taken by the University of Lethbridge with 11 points.  1st place individually went to IM Richard Wang with 9.5/10.  2nd-Aaron Sequillion 9/10, 3rd FM Vladimir Pechenkin 8.5/10.  Best under 2000 was taken by Sardul Purewal (6/10) and best under 1700 went to Armine Arzumanyan (5.5/10).  Best Unrated was Tatu Koizumi from Lethbridge who finished with 6/10.  A special thanks goes to Ali Razzaq for directing the event, ECC President-Terry Seehagen for helping with the organization, as well as, University Presidents TJ Zhang (UofA), Michael Wanless (UofC), Gregory Holmes (UofL). 

Feb 18, 2013:
5 way tie in the Northern AB Open.  IM Edward Porper qualifies to the closed.
The 2013 Northern Alberta Open attracted 36 participants from the towns of Edmonton (and area), Calgary, Lloydminster, La Crete, Chateh and Dawson Creek, BC.  The event had a five way tie for first, but after the tie-breaks were applied IM Edward Porper earned the qualification spot to the 2013 Alberta Closed Championship.  Edward scored 4/5 and edged out IM Richard Wang, FM Vladimir Pechenkin, and NMs Jeff Reeve and Vlad Rekhson.  The winners won $96 each.  Best under 2000 prize was shared by: Terry Chaisson, Chris White and new member-Dennis Bell.  They scored 3/5 each and earned $40 each.  The under 1600 winners also scored 3/5.  They were: Armine Arzumanyan and Suresh Kadavil.  Both earned $50.  Best Junior prize went to Jamil Kassam who scored 3/5.  Jamil won $80 for his effort.  Second best junior prize was shared by two players who will compete in the under 10 category of the Alberta Youth Championships: Lenard Grossmann and Kaixin Wang scored 2/5 and won $20.  A special thanks goes to Ali Razzaq for organizing and directing the tournament and for Terry Seehagen for his help with event's organization.  Please visit the tournament page to see the final results and selected games.

Feb 13, 2013:
Perfect winners at Edmonton Youth Regionals
The Edmonton Youth Championship attracted a total of 31 participants on Saturday, February 9.  The players participated in five categories: u8/10/12/14/16.  Possibly due to an interesting coincidence, all the winners scored perfect scores.  The under 8 section was won by Daniel Kim with 5/5.  Under 10 went to Kaixin Wang 5/5, Under 12 was won by David Yao 5/5, under 14 was taken by Jamil Kassam 5/5 and finally under 16 was not surprisingly won by IM Richard Wang 4/4.  All the winners received a free entry to the Alberta Youth Championship, scheduled for March 2-3, as well as $100 towards professional chess instruction.  A special thanks goes to Harris Wang who organized and directed the event.

Jan 30, 2013:
Lukas Beaudry wins the revived Red-Deer Open
After more than a decade of hiatus the Red-Deer Open was officially revived!  Alexey Taranik who recently started a local club and already saw quite a nice success especially with the youth crowd; took upon the responsibility of organizing the tournament.  A total of 15 participants gathered in the Red-Deer Lodge to take part in the competition.  As a true town of central Alberta, the event gathered participants from all over the province.  7 players made their way from Calgary, 4 came from Edmonton, 3 were local and Terry Chaisson made the longest trip as he came from Lloydminster.  Unfortunately, the partipants that were originally pre-registered from Lethbridge and Grande-Prairie couldn't make it.  The tournament was deservedly won by Lukas Beaudry from Calgary with a score of 4.5/5.  Second was shared by Aaron Sequillion from Edmonton together with the two surprises; Adam Harris from Calgary and Terry Chaisson from Lloydminster with 3.5 each.  The best under 1700 went to Atheer Jawad from Calgary who despite a tough start recovered nicely and scored 3/5.  I would like to thank all the participants for coming and hopefully they as well as many others will make it to the 2014 event, as well as to the Alberta Active which will take place in Red-Deer this coming May.  Here are the final results of the competition:

Jan 30, 2013
: Maria Dziarkach and Francois Marais win the Fort McMurray Youth
15 players took part in the inaugural Fort McMurray Youth Open.  The under 18 section was won by Maria Dziarkevich with 6/7!  Second place was shared by Robert Gibson and Johnny Burn with 5.5/7 each.  The under 12 section saw the only perfect score of the event as Francois Marais went undefeated.  He was followed closely by Chaudhery Dannial who scored 5/6.  All the winners will receive coaching support courtery of the Alberta Chess Association.  Jina Burn did a great job of organizing and directing this tournament. 

Jan 30: Ruolei Han and Jafar (Mojtaba) Faraji win the inaugural Lethbridge Youth
The first ever Lethbridge Youth Championship gathered a modest attendance of 11 eager participants.  The under 12 section was won by Ruolei Han who edged out Steven Yang and Wilson Wong on tie-breaks.  The under 18 section was won by the most experienced player in the field; Jafar (mojtaba) Faraji with a perfect score of 3/3!  Second place went to Josh Oba.  The winners receive $100 of coaching funds and assistance with travel to Edmonton for the AYCC.  Runner's up received $75 in coaching.  Congratulations to all the participants and great thanks to Peter Davis-Imhof for organizing the event.

Jan 23, 2013
: RIP Geoff Newton December 19, 1972 - January 23, 2013
Unfortunately, the Alberta Chess community has lost one more great person.  Geoff passed away peacefully today at 4:50 pm.  Geoff has been battling cancer for some time now, but that didn't stop him from doing the various activities that he was involved in including competitive chess.  Besides from being an active chess player, Geoff was a former member of the ACA board and a great volunteer.

Jan 22, 2013:
Calgary Youth Regionals attract 43 participants
The Calgary Chess Club was the hosting site of the 2013 Calgary Youth Regionals.  The event was held on January 19th and organized by Paul Gagne.  The winners of each section receive $100 worth of chess instruction as well as travel assistance and free entry to the 2013 AB Youth Championship in Edmonton on March 2-3.   The under 8 section was quite tough even though only 12 players participated in it.  First went to last year's champion-Ian Zhao who was perfect with 4/4  second place went to Khino Tolentino who scored 2/4.  Stephen Zheng scored a perfect 5/5 in the under 10 section.  What was even more impressive was that this was Stephen's first event!  With 12 participants the under 12 section was the largest of the event.  It was dominated by the Tolentino family as Andre Angelo was first with 4.5/5 while Patrick Angelo finished with 4/5.  Arguably the biggest upset occurred in the under 14 section as last year's Canadian under 14 runner-up, Diwen Shi lost to Nicholas Lee.  Nicholas finished the event with a perfect score of 5/5!  Diwen made a come back and finished with 4/5.  The under 16 section was won by Chenxi Zhao with a perfect 5/5.  Second was shared by Elvin Limpin and Tobias Schmidt with 3/5 each, but Elvin won the tie-break that followed.  The under 18 section was the strongest and the smallest.  It was originally supposed to have 3 participants, but on the morning of the event we learned that one of the participants couldn't make it.  The 2012 Canadian Junior Champion-David Zhang won his match against the talented Yuekai Wang by a score of 2.5-0.5.  Thank you for all who participated and helped organize and run the event!

Jan 10, 2013:
AB Regional Youth Championships in: Calgary, Lethbridge, Ft. McMurray and Edmonton
Four Regional Youth Championships will be held in cities around Alberta and lead up to the Provincial event held on March 2-3 in Edmonton.  The Calgary Regional will be held on January 19th.  The Lethbridge Youth will take place on January 26th.  Fort McMurray Regional will take place on January 27th and finally the Edmonton Regional will be played on February 9th.  Visit the pages of the events to see all the event details and the great prizes involved.  The regional events are sponsored by the ACA and by local chess organizations.

Jan 9, 2013:
Chris White from La Crete is the 2012 Alberta Chess Road Warrior
The 2012 edition of the Road Warrior featured 17 events and 175 participants.  This was the second highest attendance since the inception of the prize six years ago and was only topped by 2009 when Alberta hosted the Canadian Open.  This year's winner was Chris White from La Crete with 39 points $200.  Second went to David Miller from Grande-Prairie with 26 points $100.  Aaron Sequillion from Edmonton was third and finished with 25 points $50.  A special prize of $150 was drawn among the 25 participants who travelled to at least two events outside their region.  Mike Zeggelaar from Edmonton was the recepient of that prize.  Full Standings and all Road Warrior details can be seen on the Road Warrior Page.  2013 Road Warrior rules will be identical to the 2012 rules.

Jan 8, 2013:
Breaking News: First Annual Red-Deer Open is coming up!!!
This year we will have the inaugural Red-Deer Open.  The event will take place in the Red-Deer Lodge on January 26-27.  The pre-registered list is starting to fill up so please don't hesitate to join it.  There are several King Size hotel rooms available at a special rate if booked by January 19th.  Please visit the tournament page for all the details.

Jan 7, 2013:
30 players participate in the 2013 John Schleinich Memorial
The first ACA event attracted a total of 30 players divided into 5 sections by rating.  Section A was mostly a Master level tournament and the winner was NM Knut Neven with 4/5.  Second went to NM Daniel Kazmaier who scored 3/5.  Section B was won in a very convincing fashion by Jim Daniluk with 4.5/5.  Second was split between Hafiz Karmali and Bill Bentley with 3/5.  Section C was won by the junior-Diwen Shi with 4/5.  On the other side of the spectrum of age, veteran-Chris Kuczaj finished second with 3/5.  In section D first and second were shared by Steve Smith and Chenxi Zhao with 4/5 each.  Section E was taken by Tamir Bulga with 4/5.  Second went to Bryan Ma who scored 3.5/5.  All the tournament results can be attained at the official website
The tournament was organized and directed by Frank Kluytmans and Jim Daniluk.

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