Alberta Chess Association
2013 ACA Tournament Schedule

Schleinich Memorial
January 4-6, Calgary, Organizer: Frank Kluytmans

Calgary Regional Youth Championship
January 19

Lethbridge Youth Championship Regionals
January 26, Lethbridge, Organizer: Peter Davis-Imhof

Red-Deer Open
January 26-27, Red-Deer, Organizer: Alexey Taranik

Fort McMurray Youth Championship Regionals
January 27, Fort McMurray, Organizer: Jina Burn

Edmonton Regonal Youth Championship Regionals
February 9, Edmonton, Organizer: Harris Wang

Northern AB Open
February 16-17, Edmonton, Organizer: Ali Razzaq

University Battle of AB
February 23-24, Organizer: Brad Willis

Alberta Youth Chess Championship
March 2-3, Edmonton, Organizer: Harris Wang

March of Kings
March 9-10, Calgary, Organizer: Frank Kluytmans

Alberta Closed Championship
March 29-31, Calgary, Organizer: Frank Kluytmans

Alberta Championship Reserves
March 30-31, Calgary, Organizer: Frank Kluytmans

Lethbridge Open
April 6, 7, Lethbridge, Organizer: Dr. Paul Viminitz

Alberta Seniors Championship

April 27, 28, Edmonton, Organizer: Rick Pedersen

Calgary Schools Championship
May 4, Calgary, Organizer: Paul Gagne

Alberta Active Championship
May 5, Red-Deer, Organizer: Alexey Taranik

Edmonton Schools Championship
May 11, Edmonton, Organizer: Harris Wang

6th Calgary International Chess Classic
May 14-20, Calgary, Organizer: Jim Daniluk

6th Calgary International Reserves
May 18-20, Calgary, Organizer: Frank Kluytmans

Alberta Scholastic Championship
June 8, Calgary, Organizer: Paul Gagne

30th Trumpeter Classic
June 1, 2, Grande-Prairie, Organizer: Wade Caughlin

8th Edmonton International
June 23-July 1, Edmonton, Organizer: Micah Hughey

8th Edmonton International Reserves
June 29-July 1, Edmonton, Organizer: Micah Hughey

Fort McMurray Open
July 6-7, Fort-McMurray, Organizer: Jina Burn

Alberta Women's Championship

July 6-7, Fort-McMurray, Organizer: Jina Burn

Over/Under 1800
Aug 31-Sep 1, Calgary, Organizer: Frank Kluytmans

Battle of AB
Sep 7, Red-Deer,
Organizer: Micah Hughey/ Vlad Rekhson

Edmonton Jr. Regionals
Sep 28/29, Edmonton ,Organizer: Harris Wang

19th Medicine Hat Open
Oct 5-6, 2013,Medicine-Hat,Organizer: Dr. William P. Taylor

Alberta Open
October 12-14, Edmonton, Organizer: Rick Pedersen

Calgary Jr. Regionals
Oct 19-20, Calgary,Organizer: Paul Gagne

Geoff Newton Memorial Sectional
November 1-3, Edmonton, Organizer: Mike Zeggelaar

Alberta Jr. Championship
November 9-10 Calgary Organizer: Paul Gagne

Southern Alberta Open
Nov 23-24, Calgary, Organizer: Frank Kluytmans

AB High Schools Championship
Nov 30, Calgary, Organizer: Paul Gagne

WBX Team Tournament
Dec 14-15, Edmonton, Organizer: Terry Seehagen

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Calgary Summer Series July 19-21, August 9-11, 2013

Lethbridge Active
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