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December 24:
On Behalf of the ACA I would like to wish everyone Merry Christmas and a very Happy 2012 New Year!

December 20: ACA will be holding a casino fundraising in the Edmonton Century Casino on December 28-29.  We are still looking for volunteers for the night time Counter room as well as a cashier.  If you are interested in helping out, please email Vlad Rekhson at:  Food and transportation in Edmonton will be provided.

December 20: The 2011 Road warrior contest is now over.  A total of 153 Albertans took part in ACA events.  To see full 2011 standings and new regulations set up for 2012 please visit the Road Warrior page.

December 19: 2011 WBX Team Tournament in Edmonton was relatively small but competitive.  The team that emerged victorious was "the Road Warriors" made up of Mike Zeggelaar, Aaron Sequillion, Phil Holmstrom and Ali Razzaq.  Pictures available at: 

December 15: 2011 Canadian Junior will be taking place in Calgary between January 5-8.  Save $15 off the entry fee by registering before December 17th.  All the details are on the official website.

December 11: Less than a week is left before the start of the WBX Team Tournament.  If you don't have a team but you would like to participate please write TD Ali Razzaq and he will try to find a team for you.  All the tournament details are available by going to the: Official Site

Nov 28: The 2011 World Youth Championships are now finished.  All details can be attained at:
3 Albertans participated in the event.  Richard Wang from Edmonton had another tremendous performance on the world stage as he finished in 10th place (tied for 4th) in the u-14 tournament, with 6.5/9.  Richard will have an opportunity to improve on that result in next year's tournament.  David Zhang from Calgary improved on his initial starting position and finished with 5/9 (tied for 31st) at the u-16.  Nicka Kalaydina from Calgary finished with 4/9 and a tie for 48th at the u-16 girls event.  Congratulations to our representatives for representing Alberta well!  It is worth pointing out that Michael Song from Ontario won bronze in the u-12 category.  This is the third year in a row that a Canadian wins a medal at the world's, a trend that started with Richard Wang in 2009.

Nov 21, 2011: NM Dan Kazmaier won the 2011 Southern Alberta Open with a perfect score!  NM Kazmaier qualified for the 2012 Alberta Championship.  Second was shared by FM Dale Haessel and NM Martin Robichaud.  Last round top 3 games and final standings are available at:

Nov 5, 2011: The Alberta Junior is over.  Final prize winner list is available here.
Last round live games are available at:   You can also take a look at some tournament pictures.  Tournament games will become available shortly in the 'games' section.

Oct 30, 2011:
The Edmonton Fall Sectional took place in Edmonton between October 28-30.  Section A was won by IM Edward Porper who scored 4.5/5.  Section B was won by Richard Pua with 3.5/5.  In section C the winner was Jeff De Guzman with 4.5/5.  Please visit the event page. to see the full standings.

Oct 18, 2011: Congratulations to Ali Razzaq from Edmonton who becomes Alberta's newest FIDE Arbiter!

Oct. 14 2011: The first ACA board meeting will take place in Red-Deer on October 23rd.  This meeting will determine the total budget for next year, as well as the tournament schedule.  The new ACA board has been elected on October 9th and it is available in the Board directory.

Oct. 10, 2011:
IM Edward Porper and Jeff Reeve shared first place at this year's Alberta Open.  FMs Vladimir Pechenkin and Dale Haessel shared third with 4.5/6.  Class prizes went to: Arth Dizon (u-2000), Jeff Anthony De Guzman (u-1800) and David Miller (junior) all scored 4/6.  Full standings are available at the AB Open Page.

Sept. 24, 2011: The 2011 Battle of Alberta was won by team North by the score of 15.5-8.5!  This marks the first North win after a two year South winning streak.  Congratulations team North and Captain Micah Hughey!  To see the event standings and games please visit the event page.

Sept. 19, 2011: Dr. Bill Taylor once again did a great job organized the 17th annual Medicine Hat Open.  The tournament was won by Vlad Rekhson, Sean Perron and Jordan Schibler.  Standings are available at the official event page.  Tony Ficzere entered 43 tournament games which can now be viewed online.

Sep, 2011: CFC has awarded Calgary the right to host the 2012 Canadian Junior Championship.  The tournament is open to all players born after January 1, 1992.  Website will be announced shortly, for now you can view the flyer.

Sep, 2011: NM Dan Kazmaier wins the over 1800 event while Art Milne took the under 1800 tournament.  Full standings are available here.  Special thanks to Frank Kluytmans who not only did a good job running the event but took the time to enter many of the tournament's games.  Those are available at the games page.

Aug, 2011: GM Joel Benjamin wins the 6th Edmonton International with with 7.5/9.
Standings are available at:

July, 2011: Alberta was represented by eight players at this year's CYCC.  In the end two of them: David Zhang (u-16) and Richard Wang (u-14) won clear first places and will represent Canada at the world's.  Nicka Kalaydina (u-14 girls) tied for first and finished 3rd on tie-break.  All other Alberta representatives did well in comparison to their rating.  David Zhang will have a full recap of the event on his blog at:

July, 2011: Rob Gardner pulls off an impressive 4.5/5 performance at the Edmonton International Qualifier, earning a spot to the main event.  Alex Yam gets second with 4/5.  Jamil Kassam wins best u-2000 and best junior award.  The final standings are available here.

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